Cortical Development

In order to improve our understanding of normal and pathological cortical organisation and variability, it is necessary to understand cortical development, from antenatal life to adulthood. Cortical development has been the subject of an increasing number of studies, and various teams are now quantifying development using morphometric techniques, establishing models of the cortical folding process, or describing the mechanisms that underly such a folding process.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide an overview of this research, and to encourage discussions that can bridge the gap between quantification, macro-anatomical models and cellular mechanisms. A group of renowned international experts will present cutting-edge research on these topics and engage stimulating discussions with the audience.

The workshop is intended for scientists (doctoral and post-doctoral fellows, researchers, clinicians, engineers, …) who wish to learn about cortical development and understand the methods used to quantify and model such processes. It will take place at the 'Institut de Neurosciences de la Timone', a large research institute in Marseille that carries out research in fundamental neurosciences, from cellular to cognitive levels, and bridges levels of organization of the nervous system to understand the neural underpinnings of our behaviour and its dysfunction in neurological and psychiatric disease.

The workshop will take place at INT (directions here) on March 23-24, 2016. Registration is free but mandatory. The audience will be limited to 60 participants.
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